- HOW OLD DO YOU NEED TO BE TO RENT? - Our age rental policy is 22+, however we have select premium vehicles only avaliable to 23+.

- IS A SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED? - Yes. We do request a security deposit for liability purposes. This can be provided by a credit / debit card, or cash. It is fully refundable contingent to the vehicle returning in the same condition as it was provided.

-WHAT IS THE CANCELLATION POLICY? - Our cancellation policy is very simple, you can cancel the trip at any time as long as its at least 24 Hours ahead of your booking. If you want to cancel within 24 hours of your pickup date the rental charges become non-refundable.

- HOW DOES THE RENTAL AGREEMENT WORK? - The agreement is sent via email ahead of time. After we recieve your signature, we will notify that the agreement has been processed.

WHAT FORMS OF PAYMENT ARE ACCEPTED? - We accept any form of Credit/Debit card, Cash, Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, and Zelle.

-WHAT IF I DONT HAVE CAR INSURANCE? - If you do not have your own existing car insurance, one will be provided at an extra charge to cover your trip. If you do have your own insurance, it must match the coverage limits of the rental vehicle and provide collision and liability coverage minimum to the state of Massachusetts.

WHAT IF I HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE?- Do not worry we will still let you drive one of our exotic vehicles. We do require for an International Drivers License carrier to insure the vehicle with us.

WHAT TYPE OF FUEL DO I USE? - We require Premium Octane (93) to be used in all of our premium vehicles as they have turbos installed. The non-premium cars will specify for which type of fuel to use. At the end of the trip, a fuel slip is required to prove what fuel was put in the tank (excludes electric cars).

WHAT HAPPENS TO TICKETS AND TOLLS? - Any tolls aquired from the e-zip pass account must be payed for in full at the end of your trip. Any parking or speeding tickets recieved will be billed to the driver and will be required to pay the processing fee.

WHAT IF I GO OVER THE MILES?- We are very generous about the miles set per day. However, if there are more miles that need to be added in that particular day, a $1.50 surcharge will be added for every mile crossed.

CAN I SMOKE?- No smoking or vaping is allowed in any of the vehicles. If any of our vehicles comes back to us smelling of any type of smoke, including e-cigarette vapors, we will assess a $500 cleaning fee.

HOW SHOULD I RETURN THE VEHICLE?- The vehicle should be returned cleaned with a full tank of gas. If the car was improperly cleaned from the interior / exterior, a cleaning fee of $100 will be issued and deducted from the security deposit. A video walk around the vehicle will be done before and after the trip as evidence for mistreatments of the vehicle.

CAN SERVICE BE REFUSED? - Yes. If the primary renter displays aggressive behavior, signs of intoxication or abuse of illegal substance, asks for unreasonable requests, Venture Rentals LLC holds the right to refuse and cancel rental service for the safety of our staff and property. Venture Rental LLC also reserves the right to check the renters driving record and background to verify he is able to operate our vehicle safely.

WHO CAN OPERATE THE VEHICLE? - The one who books should be the only operator of the vehicle. Giving the keys out to someone not authorized to operate is a huge liability and will be a breach in the contract. Protect yourself to avoid penalties and premium insurance charges.